Are there any required software to install for Bandwidth Test?

Bandwidth Test should work in any web browser that supports Flash of version 8 and javascript.

Bandwidth Test does not work for me

If you have an antivirus program or firewall installed on your PC that is not setup properly, then its possible that test will not start or provider accurate results. If you switch off your antivirus or firewall then bandwidth test should start normally.

What is the difference between Kbps / Mbps / Mbits/s etc.

Kbps is kilobits per second
MBps or Mbits/s is megabits per second
1Mbps is 1024 Kbps.

What can affect the bandwidth test results?

Any programs running on your PC (or on different PC that shares your bandwidth connection) can affect its speed, so you should disable temporarily applications including :

How does the speed checker work?

The bandwidth test starts by downloading a file and measures how long it takes. After the download is finished the bandwidth speed test tries to upload a file and calculates your upload speed.

How long it takes the bandwidth test to complete?

From 20 seconds to 3 minutes depending on your connection.